15 Dec 2015


All around us bright lights shine, trees are decorated, and candles are lit; the holidays are upon us. It seems as if we were on the quest to buy the perfect gifts, run a marathon of holiday parties, attempt to maintain distance from pesky relatives, and give it the extra oomph at work so that management doesn’t think we are slacking off. If this season is supposed to be about intimacy and connection, where is the space for sexy times and passion during all of these holiday shenanigans?

Whether you fill stockings, spin the dreidl, sing Yule songs, or light Kwanzaa candles we want you to start Sexploring these holiday sex tips….

Nourish your desire

It is your time to indulge in pleasure and savor naughty nibbles. Food and drink are part of the holidays anyways so why not make holiday noshing a sensual adventure. Seek out aphrodisiac nibbles that will get you in the mood for a naughty bite or two. Some of my favorite holiday aphrodisiacs include nutmeg, cranberries, sweet potatoes, grapes, chocolate, champagne, and believe it or not turkey. Turkey is the type of lean meat that contains Zinc, which boosts a good blood flow; that is necessary for orgasms. I promise you, that holiday meal will never be the same; and don’t forget to gift that special someone with some divine chocolate to remind them that this holiday season you are out to nourish their desire.

Celebrate pleasure

Parties are everywhere to be found in December, the office holiday dinner, the condo association get together, your neighbor’s holiday cocktail party, or a family reunion. I bet you have at least two that you have to go to that perhaps you are dreading. This year do something different; add some cheers to your holiday by celebrating pleasure in a sexy holiday party.

There are many sex-positive environments, clubs, or spaces that will definitely be throwing a holiday party that has sexy written all over it. Get a date, gather some friends, or go alone and spike your eggnog with some sensual adventure. Or if you are one of those people that have a creative mind, and kick-ass event planning skills, skip going somewhere and throw the party yourself.

Whichever your choice, whether going to a party or throwing it yourself, this will be the perfect opportunity to dress up accordingly and get in the mood for some sexy times. I bet that it will spark some really interesting conversations that will undoubtedly make this stressful time of the year a little more tantalizing.

Offer a naughty gift

The holidays are a time to give and receive. Nobody really has to specify what the gifts need to be! Make your holiday shopping nice by turning it naughty. Do your shopping with some sex in mind. Shopping malls are going to be full of people desperately looking for the perfect gift. Give those malls a rest and visit your local sex store, lingerie boutique, boudoir photography studio, or leather / BDSM shop. Let your imagination run wild, even that hand held back massager can be transformed into a powerful vibrator; just ask Hitachi!

If you really don’t have time to go out shopping then make it simply meaningful by writing some sensual vouchers. Sexplore beyond your usual routine, gift a voucher that will take you on a journey to discover new sexual horizons. The sexy vouchers can include a sexy sleepover in a B&B, an erotic massage after an intimate bath, or the promise to learn new techniques on oral sex, sexual positions, role playing, orgasms, or kink by taking one of my titillating sexual workshops. Those vouchers can be given to your partner(s), lover(s), or yourself.

Enjoy an ardent date

Get those hormones going and add one more event to that calendar of yours; schedule a sex date. Make it a quickie, a romantic event, a no strings attached sexual escapade, or a date. Call your partner or lover, that secret crush, look for a stranger, or set some time aside for yourself. This might sound incredibly unsexy since we are taught that sex should be spontaneous and mostly unplanned but actually scheduling some sex into your busy schedules is an incredible empowering and healthy part of the whole experience.

Planning some sexy time will give you something to look forward to, plus it will give you time to set the space and get in the mood. You will awaken and stir your sexual energy. Once you have set a date, enjoy the moment, and let all the endorphins of pleasure relieve the holiday stress you have been carrying around since December kicked in.

Set your horizons for a passionate year

We all reflect on the year that is about to end and the one that is just going to begin. Resolutions are jotted down in the hopes that once again we can start from zero, become healthier, change the way we relate to our finances, or take up a hobby. How many of you actually have a specific resolution in regards to your sexual pleasure? Now is the time to set your horizons for a passionate year ahead! Whether you are single or in a relationship, give sex and passion the importance it deserves in your life. Write a sexy resolution list. Spice it up by not only including what you hope for yourself but also what you want to give to other people. Make sure that you have one for each month to have a sizzling and tantalizing 2016.

The journeys to your desires are infinite. Try one of these tips, or try them all, just don’t forget to give yourself some love and pleasure this holiday season. You deserve it; after all you work really hard all year long.




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