About Sexplore

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Sexplore with Den Temin is a virtually-global sexual organization based in Toronto. Founder Den Temin is a board certified Toronto sexologist.  Sexplore with Den Temin is a catalyst for change, dedicated to supporting you by creating and providing holistic and safer environments.  We facilitate sexual self-empowerment, provide training, advance professional development, deepen connections, and improve sexual health. 

We desire to change the world by understanding and transforming taboos and stigma surrounding sex, gender, and sexualities through exploration, knowledge building, and wisdom exchange.

Our vision is to connect people with themselves and others to contribute to building communities that believe in nurturing sex-positive environments. In these environments, sex, gender, and sexuality can be lived as expressions of our identities and desires.

Sexplore with Den Temin is an organization that provides healthier sex-positive environments, where knowledge exchange is facilitated in order to self-empower folks to explore and improve their own and/or other people’s sexual lives and health.

In our non-judgmental space we recognize that everyone carries within them lived experiences, identities, and knowledge that make each journey unique. Sexplore with Den Temin works within a sexual justice, anti-oppression framework, believing in a holistic understanding of comprehensive sex education.

Our services are centered on your needs, and we provide both ready-made and custom tailored programs for individuals, professionals, organizations, and corporations.



About Den Temin

I am a passionate being who considers that intimacy and pleasure are revolutionary and transformational. My vision of sex, sexuality, and gender is holistic. It is based on an understanding of social justice where individuals have a right to find paths towards self-empowerment within and outside sexual spaces.

As a child, I grew up imagining that people could discover infinite horizons through journeys of exploration. As time passed, I came to the realization that life is never static and that we are in constant motion, transforming ourselves.

Curiosity has fueled my craving to live and explore the ways in which we experience intimacy, connection, vulnerability, desire, and pleasure.

For the past sixteen years, I have lived in five different countries and travelled extensively throughout diverse corners of the world where I have studied and worked in the fields of gender and human sexuality. As I engaged in these journeys my mind has been stretched, my heart has been exponentially expanded, my desires untamed, and my being humbled. I’ve had to question my values, and reassess my attitudes.  These experiences have gifted me with vast amounts of knowledge, a deeper understanding, and a broader perspective

I have a deep desire for sharing knowledge and connecting to people with honesty and authenticity. I believe that we all have diverse lived experiences, and identities that have shaped the manner in which we exist and navigate our worlds.

My inner child’s imagination has fueled a dream that transformed into a reality when I founded Sexplore with Den Temin. I invite you to be part of a pleasure revolution where together we will change the world one orgasm at a time!

The journeys to our desires are infinite… sharing these journeys of sexploration with you is my passion, a labour of deep love.

If you would like to have a more in-depth perspective about my educational and professional experience I invite you to take a look at my linked-in profile.

If you would like to stay connected through linked in, please send me an invitation with a message. Consent in any space is a must + it’s super sexy!


Sexplore Team Members


Luis Fonseca

Luis Fonseca is a fiery advocate for sexual health and has been working in the area of education and prevention for 20 years. He shares our vision of self-empowerment as he contributes his knowledge towards engaging individuals in powerful journeys of sexploration. Luis brings a sense of humour when assisting Den. From skillfully setting up the space to assuming various positions during the workshops Luis is an essential trailblazer in Sexplore’s pleasure revolution


Monica Meireles 

Monica Meireles is a passionate counsellor and qualifying psychotherapist who masterfully makes sure Sexplore with Den Temin is always up and flying. She will usually be whirling all over the place with a mission to make sure everything runs smoothly. Her attention to detail is not only directed towards the logistics of the organization but directly to the heart and soul of what makes Sexplore with Den Temin a unique hub of sexual innovation.


Gil Martinez 

Gil Martinez is a member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario and the head honcho of Big Guy Studio. He is a creative, assertive, inquisitive and highly cultured leader who brings fifteen years of experience in editorial design to the titillating branding and sensual graphics of Sexplore with Den Temin. His design expertise ingeniously brings sex positivity and an erotic touch to the visual language of Sexplore with Den Temin.

Check out Gil’s design work & portfolio at bigguystudio.ca

trevor headshot 

Trevor Sherwin

Trevor Sherwin is a Toronto portrait and Boudoir specialist who is passionate about capturing authentic beauty with sophistication and honesty. He brings his passion to Sexplore with Den Temin where his talents translate ideas into powerful, and sexy images. Trevor is the founder of Provocateur Images, a studio that specializes in supporting women to realize their full potential by revealing their inner vixen through boudouir and beauty portrait photography.

Check out Trevor’s powerful images at provocateurimages.ca



Iku & Nilu

Iku & Nilu are Sexplore’s biggest cheerleaders and our resident furry companions! These two furry sexplorers bring to us the living definition of deep intimate connection. They are the purest expression of authentic joy and pleasure. Their existence, and the laughter they produce in everyone who crosses their path is integral to the inspirational pleasure revolution that is spread by the incredible community built at Sexplore with Den Temin.