Clinical Sexology


Working with Den will transform your personal sexual relationship and will result in deeper more satisfying intimacy in life for years to come. Don’t go through this experience alone, make a decision to empower your life, and let Den support you through this process. Let us work together with an open mind, an open heart, and an open spirit.

My work as a clinical sexologist focuses on facilitating your sexual growth and development by supporting you to identify your sexual journey and by offering information, resources, tools and techniques in order for you to achieve sexual self-empowerment. I have developed a sexological clinical practice that is holistic, empowering, client driven, based on notions of social justice, and always focused on the needs of the client/s. My approach does not follow a script, it is personalized to each situation, with accurate, complete, up-to-date information, and is based on your input.

Are you wondering if private sessions of sexual empowerment counseling ~ coaching is right for you? 

You might be ideally suited to work with Den if you:

• feel disconnected from your desire ~ experience incompatible desires between/among partners ~ sense there are obstacles that don’t let you pursue your desires

• want to find pleasurable sexual activities after surgery ~ a health crisis ~ ongoing health challenges~ or when experiencing limited mobility

• are eager to maintain intimacy and pleasurable sexual activities throughout your major life stages

– gender transition ~ pregnancy ~ parenthood ~ midlife (40’s-50’s) ~ elder (60’s & beyond)

• feel  like you are inexperienced ~ unskilled ~ negative towards your body image~ and as a result lack confidence in going after what you desire or are stuck in feelings of sexual shame

• have any physiological sexual functioning and concerns (difficulty maintaining arousal, penile erectile functioning, ejaculation concerns, vaginal dryness, pain upon penetration, not being able to orgasm, or orgasming too quickly)

• are questioning your sexuality ~ gender ~ looking for support and guidance in regards to your sexual orientation and/or gender identity

• are discovering something new and simply want a knowledgeable individual to consult with about this part of your life

• are exploring and defining your sexual and emotional relationship structure  (monogamous, polyamorous, polysexual, open, lifestyle~swinging)

My private sessions are for individuals, couples, and folks in multi-partnered relationships. The private sessions are a space where we are able to facilitate your sexual growth by offering a safe environment to communicate, exchange knowledge, partake in educational activities, as well as provide resources, tools, and techniques to support you meet those goals and ultimately manage your own sexual growth.  Together we will partake in exercises that will aid you to progressively expand your sexual comfort zones.

The private sessions are divided into two categories and can be facilitated either in person or virtually:

 Focused Coaching Session:

Addresses a very specific area that is mostly focused on knowledge exchange and education in sexual techniques. One session only: each session is a minimum of 3 hours – maximum of 6.

Clinical Sexology Sessions:

Our sexuality took our whole lives to develop. It takes time to uncover the wounds that need healing, and develop the skills that will support you to empower yourself sexually and achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling sexual life. I do not believe in the quick fix and therefore I do not offer single sessions. There is a minimum 12-session commitment, plus an intake session. Each session is one hour, and the intake session is 90 minutes.

The type of private session service (focused coaching ~ clinical sexology) will be determined during a free complimentary 30-minute meeting.


Focused Coaching Session (hands-on) $500 per hour (price increase for 3 or more people) + HST
Clinical Sexology Session
Individual ~ Couples (2 people) 12 Sessions $370 / session + $300 intake session per person + HST
Triads (3 people) $490 / session + $300 intake session per person + HST
Groups (4 people) $570 / session + $300 intake session per person + HST


We carry out the private sessions in our offices but in certain occasions Den is also able to go to your location. If your location is outside of downtown Toronto travel fees may apply.

Den’s private practice and expertise focuses on the following areas, but is not limited to:

Physiological sexual functioning & concerns
There are times when our bodies are not up to our usual speed and are functioning in a different manner that might concern us. When our bodies have a different sexual functioning than we are used to; stigma, taboo, and shame, make it difficult for us to openly discuss these subjects with others. Den will create a safe space for you to explore, and discuss any of your concerns in regards to: penile erectile functioning, rapid or delayed ejaculation, pain upon penetration, sexual drive, not being able to orgasm, reaching orgasm too quickly, lack of arousal, inhibited sexual response, incompatible desires between/among partners, libido concerns, or anything related to the well being of your sexual health.
Sexual health
Sexual health is holistic, involving your mind, emotions, body, and spirituality. No one can define what sexual health means for you, or how to take care of it. It could be perceived as a nourishing journey that involves the self, the people that you are intimately connected to, and your communities. It is related to the access that you have to information, resources, and services, in order to have an environment to make consensual decisions in regards to your sexuality and your life. It is not only about living a life without dysfunction, and/or infections. Sexual health is deeply connected to other aspects of our lives and identities. It is about being comfortable with yourself, your partner/s, and the decisions you make. Den can provide you with space, information, and resources if you would like to learn more about sexual health, have support in your decision making process, and engage in setting healthier boundaries. Together we can sexplore in a culturally appropriate manner the following areas: how to make healthier decisions, setting boundaries, understanding consent, defining safer sex techniques & harm reduction, learning about sexually transmitted infections (preventing ~ testing ~ living with), discovering our bodies & the sexual anatomy of pleasure, introducing diverse options for birth control in your life, engaging in establishing a safe environment for disclosure, getting informed and taking steps towards your healthcare (prostate ~ rectal ~ vaginal ~ breast ~ ovarian ~ cervical), pregnancy options (abortion ~ parenting ~ adoption), and body image.
Sexuality Development and Major Changes throughout our Lifecycles
We are all interacting with sexual energy from the moment we are born until the day we die; some of us are sexual beings, and some of us are asexual beings. Sexuality is fluid and a central aspect of being human throughout our lifecycle, and during major events in our lives. For many people it is hard to believe that babies, children, teens, adults, and the elderly can be sexual or asexual beings. Sexuality is much more than just sexual intercourse, it also encompasses eroticism, romanticism, pleasure, connection, and intimacy. We experience the development of our sexuality in a different manner throughout major events and/or each lifecycle stage of our lives. Den can provide you insight, information, and support in regards to the sexuality development of children ~ teenagers ~ young adults, puberty, new & long-term relationships, pregnancy, parenting, midlife, peri/menopause, peri/andropause, elder age. Throughout our lives we might experience major life changes that will affect our sexuality. Whether you have been diagnosed with a new illness, undergone surgery, have experienced an accident, are experiencing limited mobility, or have an on-going chronically physical ~ mental health condition, Den can provide advice, as well as a space for you to feel supported and get resources.
Pleasure ~ Orgasm ~ Desire ~ Sexual Techniques
Pleasure in whichever way you define and experience it is central to a healthier, and holistic understanding of your sexual universe. Our sexual lives are in constant transformation and our experiences have the potential to change over the course of our lifetime. We are not static sexual beings but fluid ones where at times we feel the desire to explore diverse types of sexual play that because of shame and taboo we may have pushed away. Whether you are looking to engage in some solo sex for self-pleasure or want to indulge in sexual relationships with others, Den will work with you to sexplore pleasure, orgasm, and desire! If adventure is calling you, you feel a burning desire to sexplore, and spice things up in your sexual realms; Den can provide a space and the knowledge for you to learn new techniques, diverse sexual positions, and expand your understanding of pleasure. We can talk about how to play using safer sex practices, explore the diverse areas of your pleasure & erogenous zones, how to reach multiple orgasms, understanding spiritual sexuality, learn about female ejaculation, incorporating various types of kink play, bondage, dominance, submission play, safely address fetish play, visiting new sexual spaces, adding sexual toys & aids to your sex life, or advising you on specific questions that you might have about your sexual relationship.
Self esteem – confidence
A lot of people go through periods in their lives where their self-esteem drops and loving themselves is difficult. Life is complex and sometimes without noticing we find ourselves in a moment when looking at the mirror might be painful, where we are hosting feelings of fear in the bedroom, or when believing in our capacities to connect and love is surrounded by feelings of doubt. Den will be with you and stand by your side as you address concerns with body image, self-esteem, and confidence in sexual, emotional, and romantic relationships. This is a journey for and with you as an individual that is part of communities. Take this opportunity to learn to love the relationship with yourself and the effect this has in invigorating and positively changing your relationships with others.
Relationship building
Creating and maintaining intimacy with your loved one/s can at times seem like an insurmountable task. At times we encounter obstacles in life that create rifts in our relationships. Whether you are looking to start a new relationship, reignite the one that you are in, or enhance the amazing connection you already have, Den can be an external witness that can give you a new perspective to achieve the transformations you desire. Communication is the key to healthier relationships and miscommunication can often feel like you are not understanding each other, hearing one another, or possibly communicating in a completely different sexual and emotional language. Den can support you to create your own language by sharing communication techniques that can revitalize and renew your relationship. We can focus on creating trust, dealing with infidelity, speaking honestly about matters that you need to disclose, and discussing the relationship structure (monogamous / multiplepartnered / lifestyle / open / polyamourous) that speaks most true to your heart. If you are at a stage where you are ready to meet others and engage in a consenting and loving relationship but have no idea where to begin Den can support you by guiding you through the creation of a dating game plan. During this journey we can focus on finding different manners in which to connect with other folks looking to be in a relationship, your concerns about dating after being in a relationship, mapping your entrance into the dating scene, dealing with entering into a new relationship, as well as building your confidence to engage with others in an emotional, romantic, and sexual manner.
Gender journeys
Gender identity determines the gender you perceive yourself as, regardless of your sex. Your gender identity does not affect or define your sexual orientation. Discovering, expressing, and living your gender identity is a transformative journey. A gender journey is particular to each person and although there are certain situations throughout the process that might be similar every experience is unique. I offer you a safe and knowledgeable place to feel supported throughout your own gender journey or that of a loved one.
Sexual Orientation
There is a diverse understanding of sexuality within the broad spectrum of sexual orientations. The manner in which you live and experience your sexual orientation will have an effect in your overall sexual health. Questioning and understanding more about whom you are sexually attracted to is a process that does not have to happen on your own. Den can support If you would like to understand better, and learn more about your own or a loved one’s sexual orientation. We can explore “coming-out’ to your friends and family, learning about sexual identities (asexual, lesbian, bisexual, gay, pansexual, queer, heterosexual), becoming aware and coming to terms with your own sexual identity, and coming to terms with the manner in which your loved ones understand your sexual orientation.

I would like to be part of your journey to sexplore who and what your gatekeepers are. Together we will break past these gatekeepers: the should-haves, would-haves, the shame, and guilt so that you can connect, desire, and lead pleasurable moments from a place of authenticity and overall sexual self-empowerment.

Counseling may be a process that is intimidating or unknown to you, making this decision is a big step in your life. This decision is fueled by your desire to have change, to gain confidence, to empower your journey. I assure you that even though it might be painful, difficult, and you might encounter obstacles; the changes that you are hoping to make are within your reach.

If you feel ready to take this step and make a commitment contact me for a complimentary 30-minute session. Everyone is required to partake in this complimentary session in order to decide which service is better suited for your particular needs.


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* Disclaimer *  The private sessions are based on a model of clinical sexology ~ coaching, and are not considered sex therapy.  Den does not provide examination, diagnosis, care, service or treatment of medical or health conditions. If throughout the process we determine that there are deeper issues that require intensive therapy and or medical attention, Den will suggest clients to undergo therapy and or visit a physician. In some cases, Den might be able to provide a referral to the appropriate service provider.