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 Sexplore with Den Temin believes in building communities that are strong and supporting environments that foster spaces for individuals to grow. We would like to support you by offering you a range of services that will provide you the tools to meet your legal obligations, as well as encourage the development of leaders and leadership in your workplace.

We understand that every business and organization is different and that pre-packaged training programs or one size fits all human resources consulting does not work for everyone. Our client-focused approach allows us to design training programs and human resources consulting that are customized to deliver the results you need.

We approach each engagement with our long-term goal in mind, a lasting, beneficial relationship with our clients. We know that in order to achieve that goal, we need to meet and exceed your expectations. We do that by spending time up front to understand the challenges you are facing and the uniqueness of your organization so we can help you get the best return on your investment.


Sexplore with Den Temin offers services to corporations, businesses, non-profits, organizations, or institutions in two main areas:

Human Resources Consulting : Assess ~ Develop ~ Empower ~ Transform

Comprehending human rights and employment legislation can make the difference in reaching your goals of being a workplace that is perceived and experienced as an industry leader both by your employees and your clients. Making a mistake in complying with the current legislation can be costly, we are here to support you on your journey towards excellence with cost effective solutions.

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Sexplore with Den Temin offers you a human resources consulting program that focuses on a vision that is divided into four areas. You have the option to engage our services by concentrating in any of these areas either collectively or individually. Our vision is to achieve this through assessment, development, empowerment, and transformation.

+We assess by performing Gender + Diversity Audits

+We develop by producing policies and procedures.

+We empower by facilitating educational training

+We transform by mediating conflict If you would like to learn more about our human resources consulting program please click here.

Leadership and Staff Development :  From the bedroom to the boardroom ~ Transferring personal skills to enhance professional growth. 

Leaders are self-empowered individuals that will influence, and maximize the collective vision towards a journey of transformation and the achievement of goals. Are you aware of the leaders that exist in your professional environment? Are the individuals who work in your organization conscious of the leader that exists within them? Do you know how to catalyze transformation and leadership at your organization in order to achieve your vision?

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At Sexplore with Den Temin we believe that leadership is a process of knowledge building & exchange to create an environment of self-empowerment that catalyzes change. Each individual carries personal lived experience and skills that we are able to transfer to our professional spheres in order to enhance our growth. Bedrooms are one of the most intimate, vulnerable, and emotionally naked spaces that we inhabit. The relationships that we create in this space allow us to develop skills that are applicable in all the other areas of our lives.

We facilitate and guide people to transfer their bedrooms into your boardrooms to develop and grow professional skills that will transform them into leaders within your organizations. Sexplore with Den Temin offers you leadership and professional development programs that provide you the atmosphere, tools, and guidance to be able to create environments in your workplace that foster leaders and professional growth.

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Let’s start the connection, have a conversation with us! Contact us at any time to find out how our corporate ~ organizational services can fulfill your needs.