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This is especially for you: The individual, the couple, and the folks in multiple partnered relationships! This is your space to exist, to seek, to encounter, to Sexplore with Den Temin.

Whether it is in a communal setting with other folks, or in a more private setting that exists custom tailored to your needs and desires; Den offers you different services to embark on your journeys of sexual self-empowerment.

Scroll down. If you find anything that tickles your fancy, – which we know you will! – get in touch with us.  Come to our place or invite us to yours and as Den likes to say Lets play!  



Sexual Self-Empowerment in a Group Setting

Come to our Place ~ Build a Community

During our group events we make sure that we are contributing to building sex-positive communities wherever we offer our services. Therefore we welcome folks from a wide and fluid spectrum of identities, dis/abilities, relationship structures, genders, and sexualities!  ** Be aware and considerate of the diversity and identities of people who show up at our events. If you feel curious or want to learn more about a person’s identity respectfully ask. We will gladly provide resources, or point you in the direction to expand your knowledge.**

Sexuality Workshops

Imagination and knowledge are the foundations of sexual innovation. Mind reading is an art that is hard to learn, and sexual education for most of us has really lacked in substance. Sexplore’s sexual workshops focus on pleasure, connection, healthier relationships, desire, eroticism, and sexual health. They are the alternative to the reproductive based sexual information you have received throughout your lives. We whole-heartedly believe in pleasure and a holistic comprehensive understanding of sexuality.

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ContentDeep within us lies the truth of our desires, and we would like to invite you to sexplore the paths that lead you to your sexual self-empowerment. Sexplore with Den Temin is a cutting edge organization that is a leader in developing inclusive, holistic, comprehensive and empowering sexual education. Our educational sexuality workshops provide you the space, information, and tools to transform your lives into a healthier and erotic powerhouse of intimacy, connection, and pleasure.

We offer you comprehensive, and holistic sexual education. Den facilitates the sexuality workshops in a safe, accessible, and non-judgmental environment where you will exchange knowledge and learn about the many aspects of sex, sexuality, health, and relationships. Our workshops welcome everyone to ask questions, share their experiences, and build sexually empowered communities. The information we provide is always evolving, and new topics are developed all the time.

Workshops are held in our wheelchair accessible location at 215 Spadina Avenue. We suggest registering early as many of our workshops sell out.

Learn more about our comprehensive sexual education by scrolling through our seasonal workshops (click here)

Sexual Empowering Retreats

Imagine that you have a succulent space to relax, to sensually tune in to your desires, moments filled with erotic inspiration, and heart-opening transformations. You are stepping into a sexual sanctuary outside of your daily life in order to be inspired to seek, and create the changes you desire to lead a sexually empowered life.  Time dissolves to give way to intimate connections where you engage in activities that lead you through the paths of sexual enlightenment.

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 If you are ready to engage in a sexual journey where your needs are catered for, and your desires nurtured; we offer you our sensual, empowering sexual retreats. Den will share their intuition, and wisdom. Benefit from immersing yourself with a community of individuals who want to dive deep, elevate their intimate relationships, and unravel their sexual energy without the day-to-day distractions.

Den will devote their full attention to guiding you through that transcendental sexual journey. Come sexplore the full extent of the profound power within you. Let yourself be guided deep into your bliss. Emerge from the retreat to bring back the full erotic potential of your sexual wondrous self to your daily existence.

Our retreats are always small and registration is limited. 

Find out how you can retreat towards your sexual sanctuary in any of our upcoming sexual empowering retreats. (click here)


Sexual Self-Empowerment in a Private Setting

Invite us to your Place ~  Grow in your Communities

Clinical Sexology

Counselling ~ Coaching

There are times in our lives when we are in need for guides to support us through our journeys. I offer a facilitated counseling approach to support people in their paths towards understanding and acceptance of themselves as sexual beings, in order to be able to actively engage in their sexual journeys.

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As a board certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists I have developed a clinical practice that is holistic, empowering, client driven, based on notions of social justice, and always focused on the needs of the client/s. I am a facilitator and a guide in your journeys of sexual empowerment. My approach does not follow a script; it is personalized to each situation, with accurate, complete, up-to-date information, and is based on your input.

Focused Coaching Session: 1 session only ~ Minimum 2 hours – Maximum 6 hours

Clinical Sexology Sessions: Minimum 12 session ~ One hour per session

Type of private session service will be determined during a free complimentary 30-minute meeting.

Begin your personal journey of sexual empowerment and learn more about working within Den’s private practice. (click here)

Home Parties & Private Cozy Workshops

Have you ever felt like staying in with your friends but are tired of playing board games, and watching movies? Do you find yourself talking about sex with your friends and wishing you were left with more answers than questions? Would you like your birthday celebration to be innovative, and memorable?  Are you getting married and want to have a party that is different, unique, and leaves you with a wealth of knowledge that will enhance your marriage?

We have just the answer for you, our home parties & private cozy workshops are tailored to your desires and guarantee and unforgettable experience to be shared amongst friends and relatives. Sexplore with Den Temin and make a sexy night-in with friends, your birthday gathering, or a stagette/stag party a memorable scrumptious event.

Minimum 10 people ~ $40 per person / $400 ~ $50 deposit required when booking

If your location is outside of downtown Toronto travel fees may apply.

Find out how you can host your own private adventure of sexploration! (click here)