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Thoroughly enjoying to teach mind blowing orgasmic knowledge the internationally acclaimed sexual workshops Den offers are unique, innovative, and adventurous.

We offer workshops for a variety of people in diverse teaching styles. From seminar lecture environments to clothing-optional hands-on classes we cover a wide spectrum of topics to make sure that you receive accurate scientifically based information that is pleasure focused.

Take a peek below at the workshops we offer. Den teaches these sex workshops in North America, and Europe. They are offered at lifestyle conventions, special events, adult-only cruises, and trade-shows.

If you have any questions about our workshops please send us an email,someone will reply to your message within a maximum of 2 business days.


Dealing with the green-eyed jealousy monster.
Who hasn’t been bitten by the green-eyed monster? Jealousy is an issue that develops in many relationships and it usually creeps into lifestyle relationships in the most surprising ways. Let’s overcome those obstacles together and transform jealousy into an emotion that supports the growth and intimacy of your relationship without affecting your lifestyle! In this workshop you will learn tools to support you to deal with jealousy and to manage it effectively so that you can strengthen your romantic bonds, instead of creating anxiety and insecurity in your relationships. We will look at why certain situations and people create emotional reactions that are the secret ingredients at the heart of jealousy, and will give you practical techniques that will help you understand your jealousy and how to reduce it significantly.
This is a practical workshop with exercises custom tailored to participant’s needs and experiences.  

More Lifestyle Sex! How to hook up in large events.
You have arrived in a large event with hundreds if not thousands of other couples and suddenly you feel lost…how do you hook up in large events? How do you find, and connect to the couple/s you find hot. How do you gracefully reject those you don’t?! Learn specific techniques to be successful at larger events like hotel takeovers, conventions, and cruises. This workshop will focus on teaching you the different sexual languages and which one is right for you both as an individual & as a couple. Get the inside knowledge from a board certified sexologist on how to successfully close the deal from start to finish. Discover how to flirt; what to say with confidence, how to negotiate, and how to communicate your desires to get exactly what you want. You will also learn how to gracefully and in a friendly way get out of a sticky situation when someone you are not attracted to approaches you. This workshop will make sure that after travelling this far you actually get what you are looking for!
This is a practical workshop with exercises custom tailored to participant’s needs and experiences. 

Squirting & Cumming: Gspot Orgasm & Prostate Pleasure
This is not a waterproof workshop so be ready to get wet and have your partner at your fingertips begging for more! This is our most popular workshop where you will learn new manual techniques that will make you an expert in g-spot squirting, deep penetration orgasms, external & internal prostate pleasure, hand-jobs, and clitoris stimulation. We will also be teaching you a unique technique based on scientific research that will help you jump start an erection without any medication when you are experiencing performance anxiety. Ever heard of men being able to have multiple orgasms? We will teach you how to have an orgasm without ejaculating! Push those orgasmic buttons by discovering exactly where those million dollar spots are located. In this hands-on workshop, we share info, tips and techniques to help you find your lover’s hot spots… and what to do when you get there!
This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop. 

Mastering Sex Positions
Want to master every sex position there is? Sexplore with us and learn the sexual ergonomic techniques that will allow you to become a pro at many sex positions. We promise to take you on a twist and moan ride that will teach you how to get the best angle for g-spot pleasure, clitoral stimulation, and make the guys last longer! This is the perfect workshop for couples that have not been able to do specific positions due to muscle & joint injuries, back problems, surgery, hip or knee replacements. We will also sexplore positions that work well for couples with different levels of flexibility. This is a clothing optional, hands-on workshop where we will actually be learning and practicing diverse positions, and the sexologist will give you individual attention. Get ready to sweat and learn the techniques to give your favorite sexual positions you own unique twist.
This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop.

Threesomes & Group Sex
Are you ready to multiply your pleasure? Having a threesome or a group moresome is a surefire way of doing that! Three ways and group sex are bucket list sexcapades that can quickly turn into disasters and potentially ruin your relationship if you don’t have a good plan to orchestrate them. This workshop will focus on teaching you the essential things you will need to be a pro at navigating group sexual dynamics and overcome fears and concerns that you or your partner/s might have. We will learn about the most common threesome and group sex mistakes, how to avoid them, and how to be able to work through upsets if you crash & burn the next day. For all the unicorns out there, hall pass folks, or single people joining a couple or moresome we have a couple of aces up our sleeve to share with you the best way to negotiate from your perspective as well. Bring all of your fantasies, desires, and experiences to this hands-on workshop where we will make sure that you take away the best techniques to satisfy two or more lovers at once while strengthening your relationships!
This is a practical workshop with exercises custom tailored to participant’s needs and experiences. 


Blow jobs & Muff dives
Dive into the wonderful world of oral sex and master the delicious world of oral pleasures! This workshop is all about oral sex get ready to learn new techniques for mouths ~ lips ~ tongues ~ throats. With 16 years of personal and professional sexperience a board certified sexologist will make sure that during this practical mouths-on workshop you will expand your knowledge about specific positions to last longer during oral sex as well as sexplore the secret to stop gagging & start deep-throating! You will learn sucking, nibbling, licking, tongue tapping, blowing, and lip smacking techniques that will drive her clitoris wild and his cock crazy with pleasure.
This is a mouths-on ~ clothing optional workshop.

Sexplore your Kink: Percussion Play & Orgasms
Do you want to surrender in the dungeon and discover the sensual desire of blissful intensity? Curious about kinky sex but not sure where to start? Prepare yourself for a seductive sexual journey to master the art of percussion play. You will be able to tantalize your partner by giving them the most powerful pleasurable sensual experience. In this hands-on workshop you will learn various sensual touch techniques, and erotic strokes that will send electric chills of pleasure up and down your loved one. Learn full body erotic percussion touch, breath & energy work, and sensation play. This workshop will concentrate on teaching you the basic notions and techniques of impact & percussion play. Percussion play can be a more fun and lighthearted area of BDSM, or it can be heavier and more serious if desired. Involving light to heavy spanking, whipping, caning, and flogging, percussion play is a form of BDSM activity that can be safe. We will focus on learning the basics of kinky sex: simple bondage, domination & submission, spanking, flogging, how to set the scene, blindfolds, negotiation techniques, and safety tips. This clothing optional hands-on workshop will take place in the dungeon where we will be practicing all the techniques. A board certified sexologist with years of experience as a dungeon monitor will give you individualized attention and guide you on a journey that will take you to the edge and back as you exchange sensual power with your partner in a ritual of sexual surrender and domination.

This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop. 

Drip with Pleasure: Introduction to Wax Play
Wax play is an incredibly seductive and deeply beautiful means to connect with your partner/s. It is a sensual form of temperature play where the sensation of hot wax dripped onto the skin can be highly arousing. The body becomes a canvas for you to explore and experience the journey of becoming a titillating work of art as your partner becomes the artist. This beginner’s workshop will be an introduction to wax play where we will learn techniques to enhance control, safety, and pleasure. We will focus on learning about preparing the space to become a sensual environment, dripping styles, safety when playing with wax, types of wax and how they differ in sensation and heat, temperature play enhancements, the manner in which temperature and the sensation of wax affects the body/nervous system, wax removal, and clean-up. This is a clothing optional experiential hands-on workshop where you will actually be practicing and experimenting with wax play. Wax and prep materials used during the workshop are included within the cost.

This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop. 

Sacred Sexual Tantric Puja
Be part of a movement of conscious and mindful sexuality. Every space can become a sacred sexual space through ritual. In this workshop we will learn about the powerful connection between a sacred spiritual place, a divine sexual puja, and the relationship we have with them in regards to our sexual energy. This workshop will be focused on doing a sacred sexual puja to celebrate spiritual sexuality in connection to energetic places, opening yourself, and your partner to desire. The puja is one of the most sacred tantric rituals. It is a ceremony practiced by Hindus and Buddhists as a sacred ritual to adore, worship and serve your partner. Throughout the ritual we will create spaces to appreciate the languages of love through sexual meditation in order to experience a deeper & hightened connection with your partner. In this hands-on sacred ritual I will guide participants to exchange knowledge about energetic sexuality, opening the sexual chakras, and will facilitate their journey through a sexual puja ritual.
This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop.

Anal & Strap-on Sex for Beginners
Bend over for this titillating introductory workshop on anal and strap-on sex. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, with the right communication and techniques you will totally pin anal sex down!  This workshop will focus on the myths about anal sex, anal anatomy, the million dollar spots, basic preparation and hygiene, lubes, anal toys, safer sex, anal penetration for beginners, choosing the best strap-on for you, how to use a strap-on, and the best anal and strap-on sex positions. This workshop is clothing optional and hands-on, we will actually be practicing as we learn the techniques and the sexologist will give you individual attention.
This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop. 

It’s not working! Overcoming performance anxiety & freezing up
One of the greatest sexual and emotional obstacles today is performance anxiety. It is common, and it will happen to everyone in varying degrees. For some people it will mean not being able to get an erection, for others it will present as rapid ejaculation, and for many folks performance anxiety will prevent them from having an orgasm or enjoying the sexual experience. Many couples that are in the lifestyle prefer to keep quiet about performance anxiety but to make sexual concerns & performance anxiety secretive, or to internalize and repress them, only makes the issues worse. We need to start talking about it! Those who experience sexual performance anxiety on a regular basis know how crippling and debilitating worrying about it can be. As a board certified clinical sexologist with 16 years of experience in the field of human sexuality, I have successfully supported couples to overcome performance anxiety to reach fulfilling and pleasurable sexual lives. This confidential workshop will focus on providing the most current information relating to performance anxiety with and how to overcome it. You will learn diverse techniques that will help you relax to start connecting with your sexual body without the use of prescription medicine.

Taoist Sexual Rituals & Tantric Journeys
We all carry sexual energy within us, what is yours? How are you transforming your relationship through a more intimate sexual connection? After spending a month in Southeast Asia studying Taoist sexuality with a Master as well as a couple of months in India deepening my tantric knowledge I would like to take you on a unique spiritual sexual journey to deepen the intimacy and connection of your relationship. Come Sexplore your sexual spiritual energy, in our hands-on workshop as we learn diverse breathing techniques, authentic intimacy, erotic rituals to open your sexual chakras, do exercises in sensual energy exchange that will set you on your sexual path of multi-orgasmic bliss and a deeper connection to your loved one. Whether you have previously engaged in a path of sacred sexuality or this is your first time coming into this space this workshop will welcome you with open chakras. Be part of a movement of conscious and mindful sexuality. Join us in a divine experience to integrate your sexual energy to a cosmic ecstasy. This workshop is clothing optional and hands-on, we will actually engage in a facilitated ritual. Whether you have previously engaged in a path of sacred sexuality or this is your first time coming into this space this workshop will welcome you with open chakras. Be part of a movement of conscious and mindful sexuality. Join us in a divine experience to integrate your sexual energy to a cosmic ecstasy.
This is a hands-on ~ clothing optional workshop. 

Swingercast - Swinging Hot Sex.

Have you ever wondered  what goes on in a Sexplore hands-on  Taoist Sexual Ritual & Tantric Journeys workshop? Swingercast podcast featured Sexplore with Den Temin and interviewed Sexplorers who participated in our Tantric Journeys workshop at Naughty in N’awlins  2015. (psst click the image to listen to the audio podcast) 

For those of you who don’t know swingercast, it’s a podcast of the sexual adventures of  John and Allie and the experiences and sexy friends they meet in the Swinging Lifestyle.



All about sex! Top tips to become a lifestyle sex genius
Are you ready to become the best lover in the world? After 16 years of studying human sexuality and working as a board certified sexologist, Den is ready to spread the love and share with you the top tips to become a lifestyle sex genius. This is a free seminar!! Sexplore with Den Temin would like to give you the sexiest welcome to your naughty times in N’awlins by gifting you the tools you need to have an amazing convention. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge and make your sex life even steamier.

How sex works… Sexplore the science behind fucking!
Get ready for a seminar where Den Temin a board certified sexologist will bring the sexy to science and fuck your brains!

This is a class you definitely do not want to miss, together we will learn how sex works and Sexplore the science behind fucking. Our tips and information are based on groundbreaking research and brain science that will radically transform your sex lives. Let multidisciplinary cutting-edge research support you to create better sex with mind blowing pleasure that you never thought was possible.

How well do you know your sexual body? This seminar is all about the science behind PLEASURE & ORGASMS. Our bodies are maps of sexual pleasure; we just need to learn to understand them. Come and learn about the most important factors to create and sustain a fulfilling sex life.

Sexplore BDSM / Kink
Are you ready to try something new? Curious about kinky sex but not sure where to start? This workshop is designed for you. We will focus on learning the basics of BDSM kinky sex. Let’s talk about simple bondage, domination & submission, spanking, flogging, how to set the scene, blindfolds, negotiation techniques, aftercare and safety tips. Add some spice to your sex life while discovering what kink you are into and turn your bedrooms into 50 shades of you!

Aphrodisiacs & Elixirs
An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire when consumed. Throughout history, many foods, and drinks have had a reputation for increasing desire & making sex more pleasurable. In this seminar we will Sexplore sexual elixirs from natural products and erotic aphrodisiacs that will entice your body.

Come and learn about the relationship between sexual moods, foods, herbs, and spice that can enhance & boost your sexual passion. All of your senses will be turned on to new scents and flavours. Discover the herbs used to entice your body and the scents that lure your heart. These have been around for thousands of years it is time for you to acquire this knowledge. Whether you want a quick hot dish to devour with passion or a dish that gathers momentum and demands to be eaten slowly this free seminar will entice you to play with your senses.

Sacred Sex
Have you heard the words Tantra, Sexual Tao, Mayan Quodoushka, and energetic sexual play? Are you curious to learn more about all of these sacred sexual practices? Join us during this free seminar as we Sexplore sacred sexuality & sexual energy. Come learn about sexual chakras, conscious breathing, sexual rituals, ecstatic orgasms, and the manner in which these practices can bring a new level of bliss to your sexual journeys.