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Meeting your workplace human rights and employment legal obligations in an ever-changing environment can be difficult. Understanding human rights and employment legislation can make the difference in reaching your goals of being a workplace that is perceived and experienced as an industry leader both by your employees and your clients. Making a mistake in complying with the current legislation can be costly financially, damage the morale amongst your staff, and could also potentially damage your reputation or employment brand.

Sexplore with Den Temin offers you a human resources consulting program that focuses on a vision that is divided into four areas. You have the option to engage our services by concentrating in any of these areas either collectively or individually.

We are here to support you on your journey towards excellence with cost effective solutions. Our vision is to achieve this through assessment, development, empowerment, and transformation.


We assess by performing Gender + Diversity Audits

Core values shape the policies, practices, procedures, and culture of your workplace.

In many instances it is hard to determine if the policies, and procedures that have been set in place are being carried out at the cultural level of your organization.  Or perhaps the workplace culture has not yet been translated into tangible policies and procedures. Gender + Diversity audits are a good tool to monitor and evaluate the current position of your institution in relation to gender, and/or diversity equality

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An audit is a practical tool that assesses whether your current organizational policies, practices, procedures, and programming portfolio consistently and effectively promote a workplace environment that is on par with current human rights and labour legislation.

A participatory gender + diversity audit involves all levels of the organization. This framework rests on the idea that employees of the organization carry knowledge where Den facilitates a process of knowledge exchange to carry out a gender + diversity community mapping of the organization. This mapping is done in order to promote learning in three different levels (individual, work unit, and organizational) to practically and effectively, weave and mainstream gender + diversity awareness throughout the organization.

A gender + diversity audit will create a visible map for the organization to identify, and understand its current position, where it wants to head, and the steps it needs to take to get there. The process will entail:

• establishing a baseline of current practices and performance in gender + diversity mainstreaming.

• distinguishing past and existing best practices, strengths, gaps, challenges, and lessons learned.

• identifying targets for future growth.

• delivering a gender + diversity audit report proposing next steps and practical recommendations to move forward.

A gender + diversity audit is not a short-term activity. Audits require anywhere from 6 – 12 months from start to completion, and are custom tailored to the needs of each institution, organization, or corporation. The timeframe depends on the scope of the audit, the size of the organization, and the specific deliverables of the process.


We develop by producing policies and procedures.

Your workplace needs to have effective internal human resources policies that include and comply with current human rights and employment legislation. Legislation is constantly evolving and keeping up to date can sometimes be a challenge. Sexplore with Den Temin provides consultation and advice regarding the design of policies and procedures that include the most current up to date human rights and employment legislation.

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We specialize in gender equity & mainstreaming, sexual harassment, transgender & gender identity rights (Toby’s Law), and sexual orientation diversity (lgbq).

We guarantee our services will give you the support to set in place policies and procedures that are compliant not only to current legislation but to your values, vision, and mission.  


We empower by facilitating educational training 

Sexplore with Den Temin delivers training services related to human rights & human resources topics in the style that suits your business. We offer generic training programs as well as customized to suit your needs training programs. In the classroom, the boardroom, on the site or online, we will analyze your needs and develop training in the format that works best for you.

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We offer you two modalities for your customized educational and motivational activities: 

Virtual E-Learning

We are globally connected through a virtual online world. Our options are infinite and we are able to connect even when there is physical distance between us. Our virtual educational platform plays a pivotal role in bringing together staff that works at different locations with an affordable budget. Sexplore with Den Temin offers you instructor led online interactive educational programs.

We develop ready made and/or customized e-learning courses to suit your goals, participant computing environments and budget.

In Person ~ On Location Learning

Our classroom workshops are taught using advanced adult learning techniques that encourage understanding, promote communication, and the practical application of skills. We focus on delivering interactive hands-on training that allow participants to develop practical experience to develop innovative, responsive, and flexible leadership skills. Our goal is to support individuals to develop and enhance their knowledge in order to increase their energy, creativity, and vision. Your growth as a company, organization, institution, or corporation is our main priority.


We transform by mediating conflict

Conflict can be a powerful tool for growth and development if transformed into a positive outcome. More often than not an external perspective will support in conflict transformation through effective mediation techniques. Den Temin has a vast knowledge of conflict transformation and has developed a holistic and unique framework of mediation to transform conflict in the workplace.

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Using creative, diverse, and culturally appropriate techniques, Den will be able to formulate and implement a process that will ensure privacy, confidentiality, and a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

There are certain workplace scenarios in which mediation is a powerful conflict transformation tool.  In our experience some of the workplace conflicts we have focused on are:

• Sexual harassment complaints.

• Discrimination complaints.

• Human rights issues.

• Disputes between employees.

• Disagreements in family businesses.

• Difference of opinions between board members ~ steering committee members.

• Deteriorating performance.

• Terminations.


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