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From the Bedroom to the Boardroom

Innovative Change-makers: Developing Leadership

At Sexplore with Den Temin we believe that leadership is a process of knowledge building & exchange to create an environment of self-empowerment that catalyzes change. We envision a self-empowered individual that will influence, and maximize the collective vision towards a journey of transformation and the achievement of goals. Leaders are wisdom bearers that require environments and guides to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

Leaders exist within a collective endeavour that requires diverse skills. We believe these skills can be nourished and catalyzed through awareness, knowledge building & exchange. Each individual possesses varying skills that can contribute to a community. Are you aware of the leaders that exist in your professional environment? Are the individuals who work in your organization conscious of the leader that exists within them? Do you know how to catalyze transformation and leadership at your organization in order to achieve your vision?

Sexplore with Den Temin offers you leadership and professional development programs that provide you the atmosphere, tools, and guidance to be able to create environments in your workplace that foster leaders and professional growth.


From the Bedroom to the Boardroom

Bedrooms are one of the most intimate, vulnerable, and emotionally naked spaces that we inhabit. The relationships that we create in this space allow us to develop skills that are applicable in all the other areas of our lives.

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From processing a crush, creating a strategy to get closer, flirting, creating healthier relationships, reflecting upon the structure of the relationship, communicating & negotiating our desires, processing rejection, transforming conflict, overcoming crisis, or ending a relationship in amicable terms; we develop networking, problem-solving, communication, and relationship building skills that could easily be applied in our working environments. At Sexplore with Den Temin we believe that each individual carries personal lived experience and skills that we are able to transfer to our professional spheres in order to enhance our growth.

Our workshops focus on these notions of lived experience wisdom bearers that build & exchange knowledge in safer non-judgmental intimate spaces. We facilitate and guide people to transfer their bedrooms into your boardrooms to develop and grow professional skills that will transform them into leaders within your organizations. We whole-heartedly believe in transferring personal skills to enhance professional growth through custom-tailored content.

Individuals who participate in our workshops become sexplorers who are part of our community, these emerging leaders engage in a process that allows them to:

• Understand diverse viewpoints in order to harness an intersectional lens and perspective to situations and obstacles.

• Approach issues and problems from a creative framework.

• Apply active listening skills in relation to others and communicate more effectively

• Engender trust

• Adapt to change

• Transfer their personal skills to their professional environment

• Develop interpersonal skills to empathetically connect to others in deep meaningful manners to create positive long lasting professional relations.

• Recognize the root of their leadership to influence their vision for the future

• Become oral storytellers so that their journeys inspire others

• Play – imaginatively and effectively


The magic happens in our workshops!

Whether it is in your space or ours, we can custom design workshops and seminars – from two-hour workshops to three-day leadership and staff development training programs– for groups from 5 to 400 people.

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We believe in focusing on your goals and vision to create a space that is not a one size fits all environment but a unique experience developed to make your journey unforgettable and long lasting. Our workshops are based on a model of experiential education for adults where the process is a combination of presentation, hands-on activities and exercises. This framework supports participants to discover their own leadership abilities, as well as understand how acquiring and transmitting a diverse set of skills can inspire others.


We offer sexploratory and skill sharing workshops

Our sexploratory workshops focus on creating the space to find out the types of leaders we are, the leadership skills we already carry, and the ones we would like to improve or develop. These workshops are key to explore the talent that exists within your workplace and the type of support you can give individuals to develop their abilities to their fullest potential.

The skills sharing workshops focus on developing specific leadership skills. Our aim is to facilitate learning and guide your staff through a holistic journey. In this space their leadership abilities will flourish to maximize their growth and development in the areas you desire.

These are just a few of the leadership skills we may concentrate on during your custom-tailored program.

• Active Empathetic Communication

• Networking & Interpersonal Relations (creating community)

• Confident Negotiation

• Creative Visioning & Decision-making

• Focused Planning & Strategizing

• Inspirational & Motivational Storytelling

• Conflict Transformation

• Cultural Bridging & Sensitivity

• Anti-oppression

• Diversity & Inclusivity

• Innovative Collaboration (team building ~ playing)

• Crafting & Fostering Magical Work Spaces

The journey towards a deep and meaningful relationship can start with just a wink!

Send us some sexy signals by completing this form to find out more information about how to bring the bedroom into your boardroom with our leaderships and staff development program.

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