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Words can carry messages that motivate people to become beacons of change; whether it is within and for themselves or as catalyzers of transformation in the communities they belong to. Den Temin is a powerful public speaker who weaves words with humour, wit, kindness, and wisdom leaving trails of inspiration.

If you are looking for a speaker that will make your event, seminar, or lecture unforgettable, Den will deliver a custom tailored presentation that will carry your message forward and leave a legacy in people’s minds and souls. Let your audience be inspired to walk away feeling like they were just part of a heart-opening transformative moment.

Whether it is for an industry conference, a full-house theatre, a boardroom, a television set, a charitable event hall, a university classroom, or a high school gymnasium; Den’s attention to detail and dynamic personality will allow for a presentation that will meet your every need

Den has worked and lived in 5 different countries in settings as diverse as government institutions, international organizations, the United Nations, non-for-profits, universities & educational environments, corporate settings, and grass roots community groups. They have delivered keynote addresses, seminars, speeches, and presentations for intimate groups, medium sized audiences, and large events for over 500 attendees all over the world. These personal and professional experiences have created a wealth of stories, and a broad based knowledge that can inform a diversity of topics which Den can speak about at your event. Let your audience step into a sanctuary created by words and ideas where they will be engaged by powerful messages.

Topics can be tailored to your needs and may include:

• Healthier Relationships

• Courage & finding your path

• Becoming a leader

• Sexuality

• Gender journeys

• Diversity & inclusivity

• Overcoming obstacles & resilience

• Fostering connections

• Developing intimacy

• Reigniting the spark of desire

• Healthier body image & self-esteem

• Sexual self-empowerment

• Transformative empathetic communication

• Safer sex

• The anatomy of pleasure

• Sexual innovation

• Sexual health

Den will be able to captivate your audience in English, Spanish, or French. Connect with us to find out how we can make your event a memorable moment. Invite us and believe in the magic of creating a connection that will take an instant to create and a lifetime to experience.

Book Den Temin for your:

• Keynote address

• Media Tour

• Conference presentation

• Women’s / Men’s / Trans* groups

• Parenting group

• Event panel

• Charitable function

• Educational seminar

• Classroom

• Staff training

• Boardroom meeting


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