Sexplore with Den Temin offers services for individuals, professionals, as well as businesses and organizations. We would like to provide you the space, skills, and tools to be part of a pleasure revolution where together we can change the world one orgasm at a time!

We believe that sex can intimately connect us. Sex is about empowerment, education, development, growth, and safer spaces. It is all encompassing and weaves with and through every space of our societies. It makes us grow, expand, experience, and discover.

Sexplore with Den Temin is a movement of sexual innovation. A pleasure revolution, which based on the wisdom of those before us, is transforming the world we live in to bring change for future generations.

Join this movement. However you want to grow, whatever you journey is, and in whichever manner you want to contribute to building sex positive communities we have a space for you.




General/ Clinical

This is especially for you: The individual, the couple, and the folks in multiple partnered relationships! This is your space to exist, to seek, to encounter.

Sexplore with Den Temin provides you the space, information, and tools to transform your lives into a healthier and erotic powerhouse of intimacy, connection, and pleasure. Whether it is in a communal setting with other folks, or in a more private setting that exists custom tailored to your needs and desires; we offer you sexual education workshops, sensual retreats, private cozy learning spaces, and home parties. Our clinical sexology services focus on private sexual counselling ~ coaching.


Professional / Continuing Education

Expand your understanding of sexual universes. To all those individuals who have a professional workplace where you interact with people: This is your space to ponder, to increase your knowledge, to continue your growth.

Learning is a life long process. It is a knowledge exchange that expands your mind, allows you to stay connected, and keeps you up-to-date in current trends. We provide professional advancement for individuals working in the fields of social services, health sciences, and education. Sexplore with Den Temin offers you continuing education workshops, and certification through on-site and online distance learning training. Our workshops are accredited by professional associations in Canada and the United States.


Corporate / Organization

Be a workplace that is perceived and experienced as an industry leader. For the business, non-profit, corporation, institution, educational facility, or government office, this is your space to become an incubator for leadership, growth, and development.

Create a long lasting relationship with us as we enhance your workplace culture and environment. Sexplore with Den Temin approaches each engagement with the desire to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We provide you a range of services that will provide you the tools to meet your legal obligations, as well as encourage the development of leaders and leadership in your workplace. Our human resources consulting and staff leadership & development programs offers you custom tailored services in the areas of gender + diversity audits, policy development, educational trainings, conflict transformation and compliance with human rights & employment legislation.


Public Speaking

Let your audience step into a sanctuary created by words and ideas where they will be engaged by powerful messages. Whether it is for an industry conference, a full-house theatre, a boardroom, a television set, a charitable event hall, a university classroom, or a high school gymnasium; this is your moment to reflect, to feel the emotions stir within you, to be inspired.

Words have the ability to be powerful forces, which through messages can inspire people to be the leaders of change.  An inspiring public speaker will bring forth these words to make audiences reflect. Den Temin is a compelling public speaker who delivers custom tailored presentation that will carry your message and vision forward to leave a legacy in people’s minds and souls. Let your audience be inspired to walk away feeling like they were just part of a heart-opening transformative moment. We offer our public speaking services in English, Spanish, or French.

Sexplore with Den Temin makes sure that we are contributing to building sex-positive communities whenever we offer our services. Therefore we welcome folks from a wide and fluid spectrum of identities, dis/abilities, relationship structures, genders, and sexualities! 

** Be aware and considerate of the diversity and identities of people who show up at our events. If you feel curious or want to learn more about a person’s identity respectfully ask. We will gladly provide resources, or point you in the direction to expand your knowledge. **